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Gold is back!Gold mosaic tiles from Mosaico Piu ( Mosaico + )

Gold mosiac tiles from mosaic piu

These are exactly what they say they are mosaic tiles made of gold. These glamorous polished Mosaico Piu gold mosaic tiles enhance any home in environment weather is a kitchen or bathroom, a living room or a dinning room these are the Real McCoy of this century! They add a new fresh cool look to your home by reflecting the light and looks impressionable against natural stone tiles or simply against white ceramic tiles.

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Futura basalto Colorker, pioneer of the Spanish tile Industry.Tecktonia Digital Concept

Futura basalto colorker

One of the newest trends in the ceramic tile industry is the use of new technology by the name of Tecktonia Digital Concept. This new concept is facilitating the design and manufacturing process of ceramic-porcelain tiles with a direct influence in the most cutting edge architectural and interior design circles. Futura basalto Made by Colorker is available overall in 5 different colours Arena, Cobre, Bronce, Plata & Basalto; produced in 2 different sizes and 2 different finishes: natural and lappato. This porcelain tile will enhance any room of any home.

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