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Sparkle Stone tiles

Add a NEW dimension to any room with this new Sparkle Stone which is a Composite stone made of quartz! These glittery quartz stone tiles are available worldwide from different manufacturers following a sophisticated technology by the equipment producers. If you need to purchase a high quality quartz stone then you have to make sure the size of the mirror chips are fairly large and the quartz percentage content is the maximum which a quartz based tile can have, which is 93%, the rest is made up of resin and mirror chips. Whatever colour you choose for your walls or floors, weather you choose a single tone or a multitone, the surfaces of these beautifully luxury sparkle stone tiles will reflect light uniquely!

These stylish and smart looking tiles - Sparkle stones tiles can be sourced from manufacturers like: Silestone, Marmol Compac, Technistone, Quarella Rover, Breton.

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Galaxy black granite tiles a timeless natural stone product!

Galaxy black granite tiles

The Galaxy Black Granite incorporates a mix of modern and classic stone tile to give choice, expressively and of course a feeling of posh and luxury, these granite tiles normally are available in various sizes: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 60x60cm or 60x60cm. The Galaxy Granite floor tiles can be sourced from every corner of the world, this you provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the splendour of a natural stone in a timeless manner.

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