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Special and original tiles -kids tiles- which they either strip things down to the very essentials and concentrate on colours, or they throw caution to the new and go deliriously wild. These are the different approaches that tile designers and tile manufacturers take a look at.

Tile Design Idea - it's all about the perfect finish!


Since its creation , the Original Style ltd have been developing original and stylish effective products that suit people's needs perfectly whatever their home style is.

Today, Original Style ltd( The Winchester Tile Company) proposes original and effective solutions for any house type traditional or contemporary (regarding decorating or redecorating); all of their products have got a high quality control.

The Kidszone™ range of tiles ( kids tiles ) is a new collection of tiles which gives to the tile industry a glitch of adventure and fun. The combination of reach colourful tones what makes these ceramic handpainted tiles so appealing. These ceramic handmade tiles designs are carefully selected from different phases of a child's life in order to provide a very impressive variety of complementary shades and colours, ranging from pink to greens, to blues etc...

Kidszone™ contents: Nursery Rhymes, Toy Cupboard, All Aboard!!!, Counting with Teddy, ABC series, Marching Soldiers, Noah's Ark, Trucking Along, Clowning About, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jack's Farm, Jungle Rumble, Fairyland, Hocus Pocus, Pirate Treasure, Mermaids, Groovy Girl, Pony Paddock, Open Road, Beside the Sea, In the Zone...

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