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it's the 21st century: comfort is statutory, but these Fusion metalic tiles celebrates individualism and a unique perspective of the tile world!

la fabbrica fusion tiles

Civilisation of beauty by La Fabbrica; tile design and production made in Italy.

These Fusion Platinum floor tiles are made of porcelain and some of their properties are as follows: chemical resistance, stain resistance, nonslip floor tiles, colour stability to light , frost resistance, etc...and of course are highly desirable. These floor tiles have been designed with a innovative design thinking and specifically for domestic usage.

With the growing popularity of metallic tiles (metalicca), many ceramic/porcelain tile manufacturers have entered into the tile market with innovative styles of metallic finish tiles. Tiling your floors, whatever the room: dinning, living, kitchen, bathroom or hallways is a highly cost effective method to do so. Hence a good quality floor, like La Fabbrica Fusion Platinum, is a must for quality look for your tiling project... Good branded metallic tiles are made with a porcelain biscuit as these tiles are less prone to wear and tear during foot traffic.

Buying branded metallic tiles provide good return in the long run both in terms of performance and durability. Today's market is flooded with many brands of metallic tiles. Before buying, it is suggested to do a thorough market analysis of different brands of mettalica tiles so as to know the high and low points of the brands.

{link download La Fabbrica Fusion Platinum catalogue}

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