Original tile

The very best of this years tile trends start here therefore It's easy to make the most of the glorious tile ranges available! For a few tiles that will delight and enthral, Original Tile are simply perfect! These splendour tiles together with their bright colours are sure to bestow a glow of any room.

The cool and the crazy tile trends in the tile industry to charm and captivate!

Circlet Wethercock tiles

Tile trends for your viewing pleasure!

These delightful eye catching colourful tiles are to come more and more popular. The Circlet Weathercock series of ceramic tiles is an appealing wall tile range with tropical details and a subtle touch of the traditional black and white tones. This combination of style and colours is a great partner to almost any continental and modern look home.

Simply browse cottotiles catalogues which is packed with irresistibly tones of colours. This range of colourful lime green wall tiles is a wonderful, if not perfect, match for modern homes!

Off course have fun & enjoy the Circlet Weathercock series...

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Tile Recipe Design Idea - for the modern look packed with Mediterranean colors!

Mediteraneean colors

For a beautiful Mediterranean bathroom or for a beautiful Mediterranean kitchen with the help of colors series!

To achieve a beautiful cheap and cheerful design Colorker of Spain have designed a range of wall tiles which comes with a complementary floor tile range called COLORS. These are available in a 20x20cm for the walls respectively in a 30x30cm for the floors. This range is simple but is fantastic value; you only need some simple but great ideas to get a NEW look & style to your kitchen or your bathroom and for sure they will become one of your favourites! These simple coloured tiles are also perfect for entertaining, adventure and fun; they have something for every age adding charm and colour to many rooms within anyone's home.
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